Preparing for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

The Holidays are quickly approaching, and many people are beginning to decorate their homes for the occasion. While decorations make our home festive and make the holidays special, these decorations can add new potential hazards to you and your family. Here are some tips to make your home festive while staying safe.

Candles are a perfect way to make your home smell festive but can create a fire risk. When burning a candle, make sure the candle is in a place away from flammable objects and out of the reach of children. After you light a candle, remember to put your lighter or matches back in a secure location away from children. Candles left burning can cause a fire and leave you homeless. Be sure to check your candles before leaving your home or going to bed. Almost 10,000 house fires occur annually due to improper use of candles according to the National Candle Association. Don’t be a statistic!

When placing decorations around your home be sure to keep any item that is flammable away from any heat source. The National Fire Prevention Association says to keep flammable items at least a foot away from heat sources. If you are looking for the warm glow and appearance of a candle near flammable objects, you can purchase flameless candles that are battery operated at your local or online retailer.

Christmas Candle Background
Christmas Tree

Live trees are a great addition to your home’s decorations. If you plan on bringing a live tree home, be sure to have to proper means to safely drive your new tree home. Once home, make sure to place your tree away from any vents and dampers. Live trees should be watered daily to ensure they do not dry out and create a fire hazard. Some strings of light may be too hot for a live tree, so be sure to check your lights operating temperature before hanging your lights. When you are ready to dispose of your tree, check with your local city or county to find the best way to dispose of your tree.

Strings of lights are a great way to get your home in the spirit of the holidays. Check the packaging your lights came in to find how many lights can be strung together. Stringing too many lights together can increase your risk of a fire or overload your circuit. Replace any broken or dead bulbs and check your lights regularly throughout the season for new bulbs that need to be replaced. Make sure you have a second person to assist you if you must use a ladder to hang your lights. Never use a ladder without a second person to ensure the ladder is secure and reduce your risk of falling.

Follow these tips to ensure a happy and safe Holiday season and check back regularly for new tips and resources. We, at the Hale YES Team, hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season!

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