Power Washer Spring Cleaning

Generac Electric Start Power WasherFinally, the bulbs are blooming and the air is warmer! Spring has arrived! It has been a long winter of quick exits to the car and mad dashes into the house to avoid the cold of winter. Now our slower walk to and from the car gives us time to begin to take a closer look at our outside surroundings and the dingy winter residue. The sidewalks are stained, siding and brick have grayed, the gutters are overflowing with debris and the patio furniture and grill need a bath. It’s time for a Spring Cleaning!

Generac SpeedWash is the latest Generac Pressure Washer designed for easy use in getting the job done! How many times have you had to collect up and look for all your nozzles before pressure washing? With Generac’s on board nozzles, quick changes are a breeze! No searching the garage or endless junk drawers to find your nozzles, they are attached to your SpeedWash within easy reach!

Hate bending over to change your pressure when moving from the concrete to the garage door or siding? With the easy to use Powerdial™ Ergonomic Spray Gun you have fingertip access to change the pressure on the fly from car, wood, concrete to soap. No need to shut things down and stop progress, you can adjust on the go. Less downtime, more get it done time! Save your back – save time!

Tough stains seem to take forever to get rid of. You keep spraying, adjusting pressure, and still keep working on getting them off the surface. With Generac’s SpeedWash Turbo Nozzle, its rotating stream cleans 30% faster than standard nozzles. This means that you get more work done in less time on the most stubborn stains. The spinning action works to scrub away those tough stains, allowing you to move on – less water, less work!

Arms and shoulders wearing out working above your shoulders or across the patio? Generac’s SpeedWash Soap Blaster attachment will spray three times farther, allowing you to get more coverage in less time without constantly changing the nozzles and attachments. Soap once, rinse once and done. Blast those tough stains away!

Generac has included their 30-foot kink resistant hose, giving you more freedom to keep moving, less time shutting down to unkink the hose and more time to relax once the job is done! This hose is the most flexible, non-marring hose in the industry. Who wants to get moving on a project and have to stop to unkink the hose? Generac’s got you covered!

How often have you dreaded getting the power washer out, only to be on your hands and knees to make the connections? Generac has designed their SpeedWash for easy hose access connections on the back so that you don’t have to get down on the ground to make those connections. With their Horizontal Axial Cam Pump connections are placed within easy reach. Faster, better, easier … designed with you in mind.

Hale’s Electrical Service carries both the 2900 PSI and the 3100 PSI models. Stop by our showroom (Monday – Friday 8 AM to 5 PM) to see these models up close and personal! At Hale’s you won’t just get the “boxed” product, we will assemble and start up your SpeedWash 2900 or 3100, making it user ready as soon as you take it home! One more reason to shop local, shop the pros!

Below are some videos on our Generac PRO Power Washers. Click here to learn more or use the button below to contact us!

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