Thousands in Central Virginia trust us as their Authorized Generac Generator Dealer for sales, installation and service. Since 2003, we have been known for our attention to detail and customer first attitude. We are your Generac PowerPro PREMIER leader for reliable and clean backup power! You have unique and individual needs for backup generator power and it is our goal to meet your needs.

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Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Power?

How Can You Take Control of Your Power?

Our lives depend on power more and more every day. Learn how to take control of your power and never be left in the dark again.

How Does a Home Backup Generator Work?

It starts and stops automatically, and never needs refueling? This video explains the basics of a home standby generator.

Why Choose a Generac Home Standby Generator?

Learn about the product innovations that make Generac home standby generators the choice for 7 out of 10 homeowners.

Generac is the only brand Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc. has used since we opened in 2003. A trusted brand with proven reliability, Generac products are backed by Generac and Hale’s trained staff and technicians.


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Our lives depend on power more and more everyday…Be ready for the next power outage with Generac Residential Generators sized to your specific needs by Hale’s team of professionals.

Power YOU Control

Whether you want to power your whole home or just a few essentials, Hale’s has the right generator tailored to your specific needs!



Don't lose customers because of a power outage. Whether it is keeping the essentials operational or running your business as normal, we have your covered with a Generac Generator.

Powering Your Business

Keep your business open while the power is out! Let Hale’s Protect your business with a Generac Generator and never be powerless again!

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Whether your need is economical backup power for your home during an emergency, tailgating before the game, or in the construction field, take CONTROL of your power with a portable generator.

Take Your Power with You!

Generac’s wide range of portable generators and inverters allows you to take control of your power everywhere you go.

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Power Washers

Whether you’re washing the driveway or prepping for a painting job, you need the right tool. Generac’s customer research team led them to engineer their Generac power washers to meet your needs.

Crafted to Clean

Generac’s specially made power washers are designed to efficiently clean the toughest of dirt and grime from any surface.

“Do we love our system . . . oh yes! If our small dog could talk and you asked her if she loved the new Generac she would bark . . . HaleYES of course!”


We want to make sure you have the power you need during any emergency. That’s why we offer everything from installation to service and parts. No matter what you need, we have your Generac Generator covered!

Virginia Ranks 10th Among Top States with Most Reported Outages in 2017

According to Eaton’s Blackout Tracker Annual Report, 253,175 Virginia residents were affected by power outages in 2017. With 95 outages, Virginia ranks number 10 in the U.S for the most power outage in 2017. Approximately 66% of these outages were not related to weather events. Will you be prepared for the next outage?

Causes of Virginia Power Outages in 2017

Faulty Equipment Human Error
Vehicle Accident
2008, 2015


You wouldn’t have your HVAC system serviced by your car mechanic. Why would you trust your Generac Generator installation to anyone other than a certified Generac dealer who specializes in Generac generators?

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Protect Your Generac Investment

Just like the engine in your car needs regular maintenance, your Generac Automatic Standby Generator has an engine too that needs maintenance. Certified Generac technicians from Hale’s will be happy to serve your Generac Generator. From changing oil to replacing spark plugs, Hale’s has all your maintenance needs to protect your investment.

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Selecting the Right Size Generator

You wouldn’t buy a Volkswagen Beetle for a family of six; why buy a generator that doesn’t fit your requirements? Find out why you should choose Hale's Electrical Service for you Generator sizing needs!

YOU and your backup power needs are unique and different from anyone else. Don’t wait for the next outage to leave you powerless. Contact our specialists today for a free in-home assessment of your power needs.