NEW Extended Warranty Options

Get added protection with the 5, 7, or 10-Year Extended Limited Warranty Available On Generac, Honeywell* and Centurion brand products.

Generac recently released new 5, 7, and 10 year extended warranty options for automatic standby 2014 models and newer. Extended warranties available on Guardian, Commercial, Quiet-Source and PowerPact generators. Extended warranties currently not available on CorePower, EcoGen or internationally.

  • Extended Limited Warranty must be purchased within 12 months of initial generator activation. Proof of purchase date must be provided. Extended Limited Warranty begins on the date of generator activation, not purchase date of Extended Limited Warranty.

Extended Limited Warranty Comprehensive coverage includes

  • Parts
  • Labor
  • Trip Charge

What’s Required?

  • The unit must be activated before Extended Limited Warranty can be applied.
  • The unit must be under a preventative maintenance contract with a Generac Authorized Service Dealer like Hale’s Electrical Service. Proof of preventative maintenance must be provided at the time a warranty claim is made. For a list of our preventative maintenance options click here.
  • Extended Limited Warranty must be activated by a Generac Authorized Dealer. Once an extended warranty is applied upgrades are not available.
  • Unit must be installed by a Generac Authorized Dealer

Protect your investment. For more information on our new Extended Warranty options contact us or call us at (804) 518-3060.

Refer to Generac Extended Limited Warranty Statement for complete details. Only the 5 Year Extended Limited Warranty is available for Synergy.

*The 5 Year Extended Limited Warranty not applicable to Honeywell air-cooled models.