Introducing the 32 & 40kW XG Protector Series Standby Generator

Generac is proud to annouce the launch of Generac’s newest automatic standby gaseous generators, 32 & 40 kW XG Protector Series models. With standard cellular connectivity on all 32 & 40 kW XG Protector Series models, Mobile Link seamlessly connects to a system. Features such as this along with the standard 5 year/2,000 hour Limited Warranty make a XG Protector Series generator the right back up power solution for a home or business!

Thousands of homeowners and business owners trust their Protector Series automatic backup generator to preserve their entire home and/or business during a power outage. A Protector Series generator senses a power outage, turns on automatically, and delivers power to your entire home, including all large appliances and sensitize electronics with a quieter output of sound with no change in level or tone. This allows you to continue living life comfortability and keep business operating without interruption.