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Smart Seniors

You have lived your life without backup power and now you find you need power for prescriptions, CPAP, dialysis and peace of mind. That dust covered portable just doesn’t start like it used to and neither do you. Follow our Smart Seniors Section for tips, ideas and more on being prepared. Being prepared before the storm will prevent some of the stress, chaos and panic that can occur in your home and family. Your kids and grandkids want to know you are safe and protected from the storm.

Join us as we share great tips, ideas for storm preparedness and links to give you information that makes sense to Seniors to be better prepared! You are unique in so many ways, why not have a unique place to go to discover information about storm preparedness? Share this page with your friends, parents, grandparents and neighbors so that they too can be better prepared!

Not a Generac Generator owner? We hope you will be one day, but for now, let us help keep you safe! GOT GRANDKIDS? Share our Kids Page with them for great activities, education and fun that you can do together! Fun ways to learn together, spend quality time together and give the younger set a memory that will last a lifetime!

2612, 2016

Power? Your Electricity Give You Peace of Mind?

This holiday season, don't let bad weather put a damper on your celebrations. How does it sound to have your festivities ruined by a sudden lack of power within your home? This terrible situation can be easily avoided by deciding to back-up your home with a Generac generator from Hale's Electrical Service.