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The Hale Difference: Protecting Your Investment

The Hale Difference: Protecting Your Investment You have a Generac Generator installed now. The HaleYES Team difference is the attention to detail and the personal touch when it comes to your Service, Maintenance and Warranty Coverage! We want to know you and for you to feel comfortable with the company you are spending your time and money with. A generator will last years when properly cared for and we want you to know you can trust us for the life of your generator! If you purchased from Hale's, your Installation Administrator will contact

The Hale’s Difference: Helping You Protect Your Power

The Hale's Difference: Helping You Protect Your Power Ready for Home Standby Power for your home? Trying to make choices as to where to shop and how to know who to buy from? Since 2003 Hale's Electrical Service, Inc. has partnered with our customers to provide the best package for their needs, budget and future. Start to finish, our team of professionals will guide you through the process of selecting the right Generac Generator for your needs. We will take your information, put together a personal proposal, letting your needs guide us.  We

Emergency Preparedness: Power in Community

Emergency Preparedness: Power in Community When disaster and major weather events occur you may be the main source of assistance for your neighbors and community. Many communities offer Emergency Preparedness Courses and Training for their citizens. In Dinwiddie County our Public Safety Department offers C.E.R.T. Training and those who successfully complete training are volunteers for a wide variety of events where there is a potential for need of their services. These volunteers aid with community events monitoring with police and fire, assist with parking and during weather related events they go out into

Wind Safety

Winds can cause dangerous situations any time of the year. Learn how you can be prepared when the wind starts blowing with this helpful guide to Wind Safety.

Trained, Tested and Thorough Technicians

The technical staff of Hale's Electrical Service is always capable of completing any installation, servicing, or repairs necessary thanks to our rigorous training program. We can assure you that each of our technicians has taken the steps needed to become fully certified to service or repair your warranted Generac Generator.

Power? Does Your Electricity Give You Peace of Mind?

This holiday season, don't let bad weather put a damper on your celebrations. How does it sound to have your festivities ruined by a sudden lack of power within your home? This terrible situation can be easily avoided by deciding to back-up your home with a Generac generator from Hale's Electrical Service.

Prepare Early!

Peak Hurricane Season in Central Virginia starts mid-August and ends mid-October. Most people are more concerned about Back-to-School and Labor Day and keep hurricanes in the back of the mind. Be prepared for the storm when it hits.

Money Saving Generac Generator Care Tips

Everyone likes to save money. Hale’s Electrical Service, your Central VA leading Generac generator dealer wants to be your savings partner! Our 15 years of experience have seen many economic changes and ways we can all save ourselves money in a few easy steps: