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Kids’ Corner

Hey Kids! Join the adventure! Learn about cool weather facts, try awesome “do-at-home” experiments and test your siblings and parents with your new knowledge! Adventure with us as we open the wide world of storms, weather, power, science and more in a cool, fun, new way! Visit us often for some great stories, fun pages and more!

Emergency Preparedness: Weather Alerts and Family Safety

Emergency Preparedness: Weather Alerts and Family Safety Whether you are young or old, you should discuss weather alerts with your family. How will you get notifications that severe weather events are in your area? Are your young children old enough to understand what these notifications mean and how to protect themselves? What if your children aren't with you? Maybe they are at school, with a friend or at an activity. Will they know what to do? Will the people they are with know the plan your family has in place? Talk about and

Storm Fun? Think Ahead to Ease the Stress!

Storm Fun? Think ahead to ease the stress! Sounds crazy putting the words Storm and Fun together? If you think ahead and get some ideas gathered on paper or in mind, you can easily combine these two words together for less stress and more family fun after the storm as you await power being restored! Who wants to stress out over things you cannot control, right? Why not go fishing after the storm has passed? Fishing can be a family event and you can make a game out of it. Plan to cook

2016-18 Teen Staff Participant: Ian Wolfe

At Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc. community involvement is key to our success and to our company, “blessing others.”  We have partnered with Dinwiddie County in the various Teen Staffing Programs.

Wind, Weather and Fire Safety

Ever wonder why Firefighters watch the silent ways nature works? Why is atmospheric pressure so important to weather, wind and fire? Wind can do many things, good and bad. Wind can cool us down, heat us up and it all depends on the atmospheric pressure and jet streams.

Let’s Climb a Tree!

What fun to climb trees! No matter the season, tree climbing is a rite of passage for kids of all ages. Trees give us a place to dream, peace to reflect on life and the sheer height to make the world seem able to be conquered in one leap. Before we climb that tree, there are several precautions we should take to keep us safe and able to climb many more trees.

Hurricane & Tropical Storm Preparation for Kids

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms look awesome on television, but in person they are really dangerous. Kids can help prepare for the hurricane by doing a few helpful things to aid in the preparation before the storm. Keeping calm and having a plan is key to surviving a storm of any kind.