Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Do Your Homework Before Hiring a Contractor

Do Your Homework Before Hiring a Contractor Hiring someone to add on to your home, install tile or cabinets or install a Home Standby Generator? Know the facts before you begin your project! The July 1, 2015 Contractor Code Regulation 18VAC50-22-260 made several changes for contractor performance that provide better definition for what contractors are responsible for when working with a consumer. A contractor must provide you with "a legible written contract clearly specifying the terms and conditions of the work to be performed."(Sub section 8) This provision does not mean a handwritten [...]

Storm Fun? Think Ahead to Ease the Stress!

Storm Fun? Think ahead to ease the stress! Sounds crazy putting the words Storm and Fun together? If you think ahead and get some ideas gathered on paper or in mind, you can easily combine these two words together for less stress and more family fun after the storm as you await power being restored! Who wants to stress out over things you cannot control, right? Why not go fishing after the storm has passed? Fishing can be a family event and you can make a game out of it. Plan to cook [...]

Let’s Climb a Tree!

What fun to climb trees! No matter the season, tree climbing is a rite of passage for kids of all ages. Trees give us a place to dream, peace to reflect on life and the sheer height to make the world seem able to be conquered in one leap. Before we climb that tree, there are several precautions we should take to keep us safe and able to climb many more trees.