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2021 Ice Storm Response

2021 Ice Storm Response The ice storms of February 2021 were historically catastrophic events that many of us will not forget for quite a while. Thousands of Virginia’s were without power for a week or more! W Virginia needed power the HaleYES Team answered the call! Since the beginning of the storm our team has worked everyday to keep generators running through the outages, get as many repairs complete as quickly as possible, and answer customer’s questions. Through the outages we fielded thousands of calls, sent portable generators out our doors with people

2021 Changes to the Generac Guardian Series Automatic Standby Generator Lineup

2021 Changes to the Generac Guardian Series Automatic Standby Generator Lineup For over 60 years Generac has pioneered the power generation market creating a product that 8 out of 10 homeowers trust to backup their homes. Generac is constantly working to revolutionize the backup generator market and make home standby generators more affordable for home owners. This is why Generac is refreshing their Guardian Series line of Automatic Standby Generators. This refresh includes a boost in power to the two some of the members to the Guardian Series as well as discontinuation of

Generac’s NEW 24kW Guardian Series Automatic Standby Generator

Generac's NEW 24kW Guardian Series Automatic Standby Generator Introducing the largest air-cooled generator on the market - Generac’s 24kW is a big deal in a small package. Generac’s commitment to continuous improvement, innovation and technology is giving us the ability to bring more power to you. With Generac’s new 24kW you can save up to $8,000 in product and installation costs, when compared to competitive output products, while powering what is most important for your home or small business. The new 24kW Guardian unit packs the most power into a small package, taking

StormTracker 8’s Path of Destruction Special Report

Hale's Electrical Service is proud to sponsor WRIC ABC8 Special Path of Destruction Report that looks back on some of Virginia's historically catastrophic weather events and provides you with tips to help keep you and your family safe darning the next event. If you missed it you can catch the 2 part special below! Be sure to go to to stay up to date on the latest weather events and check out our Beat the Storm Center to prepare for the next storm!

Power Washer Spring Cleaning

Take control of your spring cleaning with a Generac Power Washer. Clean stains off your deck and grim off your siding to make your home stand out from the rest.