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News & Tips

211, 2017

Teen Staff Program

At Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc. community involvement is key to our success and to our company, “blessing others.”  We have partnered with Dinwiddie County in the various Teen Staffing Programs. Here is

2309, 2017

Let’s Climb a Tree!

What fun to climb trees! No matter the season, tree climbing is a rite of passage for kids of all ages. Trees give us a place to dream, peace to reflect on life and the sheer height to make the world seem able to be conquered in one leap. Before we climb that tree, there are several precautions we should take to keep us safe and able to climb many more trees.

1509, 2017

Hurricane & Tropical Storm Preparation for Kids

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms look awesome on television, but in person they are really dangerous. Kids can help prepare for the hurricane by doing a few helpful things to aid in the preparation before the storm. Keeping calm and having a plan is key to surviving a storm of any kind.