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Power Washer Spring Cleaning

Power Washer Spring Cleaning Finally, the bulbs are blooming and the air is warmer! Spring has arrived! It has been a long winter of quick exits to the car and mad dashes into the house to avoid the cold of winter. Now our slower walk to and from the car gives us time to begin to take a closer look at our outside surroundings and the dingy winter residue. The sidewalks are stained, siding and brick have grayed, the gutters are overflowing with debris and the patio furniture and grill need a bath.

Earn $50 When You Refer a Friend

Earn $50 When You Refer a Friend Congratulations! Your Generac Automatic Standby Generator will provide comfort and security for your home and family for years to come. Now that your house is protected against power outages, make sure your neighbors, friends and family are protected too. Recommend a Generac Automatic Standby Generator and when they purchase one of our systems, you will each receive a check for $50! It’s easy to participate in the Protect Your Neighbor $50/$50 Referral Rebate Program. Just fill in your information below and pass the form to your

Power Your Winter Travel With Safety!

Power Your Winter Travel With Safety! Off to Grandma's House we go! Winter trips can be fun and a great getaway for your family. With careful planning they can be safe no matter the weather. Pop up winter storms are just a normal part of winter. Expected or not, your safety depends on how prepared you are for what lies ahead on a winter car trip. The bags are packed, the books to read are tucked away and our cell phones are fully charged - the trip is about to begin! Have you

Should you Purchase a Standby Generator from an Online Retailer, Big Box Store, or a Generator Dealer

Should you purchase a Standby Generator from an Online Retailer, Big Box Store, or a Generator Dealer Black Friday and Cyber Monday have many consumers running to big box stores and online for great deals. While you may get good deals on some items there are some larger items you shouldn’t purchase from these large retailers, such as a Home Standby Generator. These larger items require additional setup that should be performed by a trained professional. Here are some things to consider before deciding where to purchase your standby generator:

How Reliable is Our Power Grid?

How Reliable is Our Power Grid? Many of us may not remember the 1965 Northeast Blackout that disrupted power for 30 million people on November 9, 1965, but we can all remember a time we lost power.  Power outages can cause a major inconvenience and sometimes happen no apparent reason. When we lose power on a bright sunny day we start to question just how reliable is our power. To answer this question, we must take a look at our power grid, its history, and how the grid works. The United

Preparing for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Preparing for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season The Holidays are quickly approaching, and many people are beginning to decorate their homes for the occasion. While decorations make our home festive and make the holidays special, these decorations can add new potential hazards to you and your family. Here are some tips to make your home festive while staying safe. Candles are a perfect way to make your home smell festive but can create a fire risk. When burning a candle, make sure the candle is in a place

Generac Automatic Standby Generators Now Equipped with Mobile Link WiFi!

Generac Automatic Standby Generators Now Equipped with Mobile Link WiFi! For years Mobile Link has been the cellular remote monitoring system that lets customers check on their standby Generac brand (2008 or newer Generac, Honeywell, Eaton, and Siemens) Generator’s status. Generac has now equipped their Guardian Series of home standby generators with Mobile Link Wi-Fi! Customers with a Wi-Fi network can choose to connect their Generac Generator to their home’s Wi-Fi network to receive timely notifications. Notifications can be received on a computer, tablet or smartphone to message customers based on their individual

Celebrating 15 Power Filled Years!

Celebrating 15 Power Filled Years! Fifteen years ago, David and Tanya Hale officially opened Hale’s Electrical Service for business. What was once a dream of helping people take control of their power, that started in a spare room of the Hale’s home, has evolved into leading the backup power revolution.  We are proud to help thousands of Virginians prepare for power outages with Generac Automatic Standby and Portable Generators. Over the years that we have helped Virginians, we have heard many stories of why people need to protect their home from power outages.

Fire Safety for Young Adults

Fire Safety for Young Adults Hale's Electrical Service Team traditionally thinks about safety, not just backup power safety, but safety in general. As winter is on the horizon and students have gone off to college, boarding school and attend tech schools, we have decided to shift our focus to your children. You are protected with your Generac Home Standby Generator and most likely your children and their education center have some kind of backup power to provide for their needs during an outage. Fire Safety and Prevention are taught in schools in the

The Hale Difference: Protecting Your Investment

The Hale Difference: Protecting Your Investment You have a Generac Generator installed now. The HaleYES Team difference is the attention to detail and the personal touch when it comes to your Service, Maintenance and Warranty Coverage! We want to know you and for you to feel comfortable with the company you are spending your time and money with. A generator will last years when properly cared for and we want you to know you can trust us for the life of your generator! If you purchased from Hale's, your Installation Administrator will contact