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Fire Safety for Young Adults

Fire Safety for Young Adults Hale's Electrical Service Team traditionally thinks about safety, not just backup power safety, but safety in general. As winter is on the horizon and students have gone off to college, boarding school and attend tech schools, we have decided to shift our focus to your children. You are protected with your Generac Home Standby Generator and most likely your children and their education center have some kind of backup power to provide for their needs during an outage. Fire Safety and Prevention are taught in schools in the

The Hale Difference: Protecting Your Investment

The Hale Difference: Protecting Your Investment You have a Generac Generator installed now. The HaleYES Team difference is the attention to detail and the personal touch when it comes to your Service, Maintenance and Warranty Coverage! We want to know you and for you to feel comfortable with the company you are spending your time and money with. A generator will last years when properly cared for and we want you to know you can trust us for the life of your generator! If you purchased from Hale's, your Installation Administrator will contact

The Hale’s Difference: Helping You Protect Your Power

The Hale's Difference: Helping You Protect Your Power Ready for Home Standby Power for your home? Trying to make choices as to where to shop and how to know who to buy from? Since 2003 Hale's Electrical Service, Inc. has partnered with our customers to provide the best package for their needs, budget and future. Start to finish, our team of professionals will guide you through the process of selecting the right Generac Generator for your needs. We will take your information, put together a personal proposal, letting your needs guide us.  We

Emergency Preparedness: Power in Community

Emergency Preparedness: Power in Community When disaster and major weather events occur you may be the main source of assistance for your neighbors and community. Many communities offer Emergency Preparedness Courses and Training for their citizens. In Dinwiddie County our Public Safety Department offers C.E.R.T. Training and those who successfully complete training are volunteers for a wide variety of events where there is a potential for need of their services. These volunteers aid with community events monitoring with police and fire, assist with parking and during weather related events they go out into

Emergency Preparedness: Weather Alerts and Family Safety

Emergency Preparedness: Weather Alerts and Family Safety Whether you are young or old, you should discuss weather alerts with your family. How will you get notifications that severe weather events are in your area? Are your young children old enough to understand what these notifications mean and how to protect themselves? What if your children aren't with you? Maybe they are at school, with a friend or at an activity. Will they know what to do? Will the people they are with know the plan your family has in place? Talk about and

Emergency Preparedness: Saving you Food

Emergency Preparedness: Saving you Food National Emergency Preparedness Month is here and that means it's time to rethink our emergency preparedness plans. In all the concern about losing power and buying a Generac Generator, whether whole house or portable, have you given thought to the food aspect of an emergency? You may have power, but the stores may not! You also may not be able to get to a store to get food or milk or medicines. As you prepare for storms in any season, we recommend a few "staples" be in the

Caring for your Automatic Standby Generator

Caring for your Automatic Standby Generator Each type of generator is quite different, but the responsibilities remain similar. Here we will discuss caring for home standby generators so that you may consider the responsibilities as you seek a contractor and a generator to suit your power needs.Liquid Propane and Natural GasPropane-fueled generator owners should regularly check the LP tank gauge to ensure sufficient fuel for the home and generator’s needs. When fuel levels reach 20-25%, this level is too low to operate a home standby generator for any length of time. Optimal fuel level for

What is the Difference Between Maintenance & Warranty?

What is the Difference Between Maintenance & Warranty? Maintenance. Warranty. What is the difference between the two? Generator owners often confuse the two terms and do not understand what separates warranty from maintenance. By definition, maintenance is the service performed to maintain your generator and keep it ready for your next power outage. Maintenance includes not only changing the oil, oil filter and spark plugs on a set schedule, but also making necessary adjustments and more. Hale's technicians adjust hertz, volts and gas pressure as needed. Depending on your maintenance intervals and age

Do Your Homework Before Hiring a Contractor

Do Your Homework Before Hiring a Contractor Hiring someone to add on to your home, install tile or cabinets or install a Home Standby Generator? Know the facts before you begin your project! The July 1, 2015 Contractor Code Regulation 18VAC50-22-260 made several changes for contractor performance that provide better definition for what contractors are responsible for when working with a consumer. A contractor must provide you with "a legible written contract clearly specifying the terms and conditions of the work to be performed."(Sub section 8) This provision does not mean a handwritten

Storm Fun? Think Ahead to Ease the Stress!

Storm Fun? Think ahead to ease the stress! Sounds crazy putting the words Storm and Fun together? If you think ahead and get some ideas gathered on paper or in mind, you can easily combine these two words together for less stress and more family fun after the storm as you await power being restored! Who wants to stress out over things you cannot control, right? Why not go fishing after the storm has passed? Fishing can be a family event and you can make a game out of it. Plan to cook