Hale’s Tornado Preparedness Center

Central Virginia is no stranger to the damage caused by tornadoes. The Team at Hale’s Electrical Service have gathered some of the best tips and resources to beat tornadoes and protect your loved ones too! Scroll down to find helpful links and resources to help you be prepared for the next Tornado Mother Nature throws your way. While these resources below are good resources for tornado preparedness, be sure to listen to your local news and public authorities or download your local news and weather apps to follow during emergency situations. Scroll all the way through this page to get the most resources and tips!

Signs Tornado in the Distance off a Long Dirt Road Blue Background Be aware of Tornado Signs Look for a funnel shape rotating cloud or listen of a loud roar. These signs are often seen or heard before a tornado hits. Weather Animated Weather Forecast Blue Background Watch Your Local Weather Tune into your local news stations to stay up to date with the latest storm changes. Invest in a NOAA Weather Radio to receive the latest alerts from the National Weather Service. Download your local news station's weather app to receive the latest alerts on the go and during a power outage. Indoors Blue Background Locate the Safest Spot to
be During a Tornado
If you are in a building find a small interior room with no windows in the lowest floor of your building. If you are outside, find a low lying flat area to lay until the tornado passes.
Body Protective Position for a Tornado Blue Background Protect your Body Shield your head with your arms and watch out for flying items that could cause serious injury or death. Use items around you to help protect your body from the tornado. Trees Tree Fallen into Road Blue Background Do NOT Go Near Fallen
Power Lines or Trees
Report fallen power lines and trees to your local power company or your city or town’s emergency operations to safely fix the challenge. They are trained professionals who are equipped to handle power lines and trees.
Plan Emergency Preparedness Checklist Blue Background Write Down Your Plan Write your emergency plan down. Ensure every member of your family has a copy of your family or business emergency plan and knows what to do in the event of a hurricane or natural diasaster.

Get Prepared Before the Storm!

We want to make sure you have the power you need during any emergency. That’s why we offer everything from installation to service and parts. No matter what you need, we have your Generac Generator covered! If you need help protecting your power before or after the storm Contact Us and we would love to help you take control of your power!


Weather & Emergency Preparedness Articles by Hale’s

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Fire Safety for Young Adults

When was the last time you checked your apartment’s smoke detector? What if a fire breaks out? Where are your escape routes? Fire safety tends to be in the back of our minds but with a little planning and due diligence you can be better prepared for an emergency.

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Emergency Preparedness: Power in Community

Take the extra steps to make sure your family is safe during times of emergency. Taking local emergency classes can help you and your neighbors have peace of mind during emergency.

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Wind, Weather and Fire Safety

Ever wonder why Firefighters watch the silent ways nature works? Why is atmospheric pressure so important to weather, wind and fire? Wind can do many things, good and bad. Wind can cool us down, heat us up and it all depends on the atmospheric pressure and jet streams.

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Wind Safety

Winds can cause dangerous situations any time of the year. Learn how you can be prepared when the wind starts blowing with this helpful guide to Wind Safety.

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Fall Safety Tips

Stay protected this fall as you come indoors with a few helpful tips from Central Virginia's Leading Generac Automatic Standby Generator Dealer!

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Tropical Winds and Hurricanes

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes can pack a hurt on Central Virginia causing power outages that occur rapidly and remain for days and in some cases weeks. Whether we are looking at a Tropical Storm or a Hurricane aiming at Virginia, we need to be prepared before the storm!

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Hale’s Storm Response Protocol

Preparing to meet your needs, Hale’s has the Generac Generator Emergency Response Protocol to get you back up and running in no time!

Generating Power for Your Life

YOU and your backup power needs are unique and different from anyone else. With Hale’s, you have the advantage of a dealer whose only business is Generac Generators. We concentrate on one thing … Helping others take control of their power!