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Beat the Storm with the Hale YES Team!

Storms can happen at any time and can come in many forms. Hale’s Electrical Service wants to make sure you stay safe during a storm. Scroll down to find helpful links and resources to help be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Be Ready . . . Beat The Storm!

Hale’s Electrical Service wants to make sure you stay safe during a storm. Keep up to date on generator safety, prepare for the storm and find helpful articles and links to arm you with the tools and knowledge you need to make informed decisions before the storm. While these links below are good sources for storm preparedness information; however, be sure to listen to your local news and public authorities or download your local news and weather apps to follow during emergency situations. These resources will provide you with the latest instructions and places to go should the area be hit with a natural disaster.

Choose a Storm to Prepare for from the Categories Below or Continue to Scroll to Get General Storm Preparedness Tips and Resources!

Weather Preparedness Articles by Hale’s

Power Your Winter Travel With Safety!

Winters travel can be stressful. Taking the proper safety precautions can provide you and your family with peace of mind while you travel the winter roads.

Preparing for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

The Holidays season is here and its time to decorate the Christmas tree. From making sure your string lights have no broken bulbs and your candles are away from fire hazards to avoid any disasters this holiday season. We have the tips you need to stay safe this holiday season.

Fire Safety for Young Adults

When was the last time you checked your apartment’s smoke detector? What if a fire breaks out? Where are your escape routes? Fire safety tends to be in the back of our minds but with a little planning and due diligence you can be better prepared for an emergency.

The Hale Difference: Protecting Your Investment

The HaleYES team is committed to protecting your generator. We service every generator as if its our own. We take pride in making sure that your home is always ready for the next power outage.

Emergency Preparedness: Power in Community

Take the extra steps to make sure your family is safe during times of emergency. Taking local emergency classes can help you and your neighbors have peace of mind during emergency.

Emergency Preparedness: Saving you Food

Fallen trees and downed power lines are just a few of the many driving hazards on the road after a major storm. Sometimes getting to the store is near impossible. Running out of food just isn’t an option. Make sure your pantry is stocked with non-perishables, so your family never goes hungry during a storm.

Caring for your Automatic Standby Generator

Just like your car, your Generac Generator needs scheduled maintenance. From oil changes to simply cutting back the scrubs that are too close to the exhaust; regular maintenance will increase the life of your Generac Generator.

Storm Fun? Think Ahead to Ease the Stress!

Storm prep doesn’t have to be all about food and water. What will your family do after the storm? Back-yard BBQs, fishing trips, and board games can all help reduce stress for the family when the roads are not safe for travel.

Preparing Food Before the Storm

Long lines and less than ideal parking spots are part of the shopping experience when strong storms are coming. If you're like us, you would rather avoid the lines and chaos. That's why we have put together some helpful tips to prepare for the storm.

Back to School and Storm Prep

Each August Virginia offers Tax-Free Weekend for back to school supplies and Hurricane Preparedness. Need ideas for your list? We have you covered with ideas to help you prepare for the Tax Free Weekend.

Freezing Rain, Sleet, and Ice Safety

Weather in Virginia can change in a moment’s notice. When the temperatures begin to drop ice becomes a safety threat. There are many ways to check the weather for the day from radio, to different weather apps. Staying informed will help you and your family stay safe.

Wind, Weather and Fire Safety

Ever wonder why Firefighters watch the silent ways nature works? Why is atmospheric pressure so important to weather, wind and fire? Wind can do many things, good and bad. Wind can cool us down, heat us up and it all depends on the atmospheric pressure and jet streams.

Wind Safety

Winds can cause dangerous situations any time of the year. Learn how you can be prepared when the wind starts blowing with this helpful guide to Wind Safety.

Fall Safety Tips

Stay protected this fall as you come indoors with a few helpful tips from Central Virginia's Leading Generac Automatic Standby Generator Dealer!

Tropical Winds and Hurricanes

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes can pack a hurt on Central Virginia causing power outages that occur rapidly and remain for days and in some cases weeks. Whether we are looking at a Tropical Storm or a Hurricane aiming at Virginia, we need to be prepared before the storm!

What is Electrical Backfeeding?

Did you plug up your portable generator and things in your home burn up? Did you see the news where a power lineman was killed working on a line that had been energized? These situations and many more could be a result of back feeding.

Hale’s Storm Response Protocol

Preparing to meet your needs, Hale’s has the Generac Generator Emergency Response Protocol to get you back up and running in no time!

Portable Power for Summertime Fun

Generac’s Portable Inverter Generators are lighter and quieter than your standard portable generator. They are great for camping and tailgating. Where will you take you Generac Portable Inverter Generator

Trained, Tested and Thorough Technicians

The technical staff of Hale's Electrical Service is always capable of completing any installation, servicing, or repairs necessary thanks to our rigorous training program. We can assure you that each of our technicians has taken the steps needed to become fully certified to service or repair your warranted Generac Generator.

Power? Does Your Electricity Give You Peace of Mind?

This holiday season, don't let bad weather put a damper on your celebrations. How does it sound to have your festivities ruined by a sudden lack of power within your home? This terrible situation can be easily avoided by deciding to back-up your home with a Generac generator from Hale's Electrical Service.

Prepare Early!

Peak Hurricane Season in Central Virginia starts mid-August and ends mid-October. Most people are more concerned about Back-to-School and Labor Day and keep hurricanes in the back of the mind. Be prepared for the storm when it hits.

Surviving Outdoor Summer Adventures

Enjoying the outdoors this summer doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it without power. Come check out our portable Generac Inverter Generators at the Hale's Showroom and get quiet, reliable power for your summer adventures.


You wouldn’t have your HVAC system serviced by your car mechanic. Why would you trust your Generac Generator installation to anyone other than a certified Generac dealer who specializes in Generac generators?

Protect Your Generac Investment

Just like the engine in your car needs regular maintenance, your Generac Automatic Standby Generator has an engine too that needs maintenance. Certified Generac technicians from Hale’s will be happy to serve your Generac Generator. From changing oil to replacing spark plugs, Hale’s has all your maintenance needs to protect your investment.

Selecting the Right Size Generator

You wouldn’t buy a Volkswagen Beetle for a family of six; why buy a generator that doesn’t fit your requirements? Find out why you should choose Hale's Electrical Service for you Generator sizing needs!

Comparing Generator Quotes

When comparing generator pricing and contractor quotes, be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Points to consider... Professional Quote Is the quote handwritten or typed?

Who is Installing YOUR Generator?

In central Virginia, the news has been inundated with reports of improperly installed Generac generators. After hurricane Irene, a multitude of "generator contractors" flooded the scene, proclaiming their knowledge and abilities.

Where is Your Generator?

"911...what is your emergency?" "My power is out and my Generac Generator did not come on because it is not outside my house! It's GONE!"

Choosing a Generator Contractor

After you have determined that you are ready to purchase a backup generator system for your home or business, the next step is deciding where to purchase and who will install the equipment and provide you peace of mind after the sale.

Celebrating 20 Power Filled Years!

Hale’s Electrical Service has focused on giving Virginians back their power since opening our doors in 2003! 20 years of Generac Installations and thousands of generators being serviced, Hale’s is your local Generac specialist and professional. Virginia’s Leading Generac PowerPRO Dealer, Hale’s Electrical Service is committed to meeting the needs of our customer base. We have grown from from a small family owned company ran out of a spare room to the backup power leader for Central Virginia!

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