Generac’s NEW 24kW Guardian Series Automatic Standby Generator

Big Deal Small Package Generac 24kW

Introducing the largest air-cooled generator on the market – Generac’s 24kW is a big deal in a small package. Generac’s commitment to continuous improvement, innovation and technology is giving us the ability to bring more power to you. With Generac’s new 24kW you can save up to $8,000 in product and installation costs, when compared to competitive output products, while powering what is most important for your home or small business. The new 24kW Guardian unit packs the most power into a small package, taking up to 70% less space when compared to similar output products.

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New Generac 24kW Generator Powers More, Costs Thousands Less

Newest GuardianÒ Series Generator is The Most Powerful Small-Footprint Generator Ever, Equipped with Energy Management Technology to Drive Savings

Waukesha, Wis., August 03, 2020Generac Power Systems, Inc., the leading manufacturer of backup power generation products, has today introduced a new, more powerful addition to the Guardian series of home standby generators. The new generator provides a robust 24 kilowatts of peak power from a 70 percent smaller footprint than traditional generators of this power level, yielding cost savings of up to $8,0001 on purchase and install. This innovative generator is equipped with home energy monitoring technology that could also save owners enough to nearly pay for the entire generator2.

“The reality of today is that the home must be an oasis. People are working from home, entertaining at home, and going to school at home. Protecting families from unexpected power outages is a requirement,” said Generac’s Chief Marketing Officer, Russ Minick. “The launch of the 24kW home standby generator is another example of how Generac is taking the lead to ensure homeowners and businesses have access to affordable backup power options. Our investment in innovation and technology will continue to play a pivotal role in our success as we continue to lead the industry in design, engineering and product advances.”

The new Guardian makes 24kW of peak power, the most ever in the residential, air-cooled class. The powerful, purpose-built Generac G-ForceTM engine makes this advancement possible, at a far lower price than liquid-cooled generators. The engine is pressure-lubricated and specifically designed to handle the rigors of generator use.

The new Guardian is also the first generator to be bundled with Generac’s new PWRview Automatic Transfer Switch, equipped with the PWRview Home[1]Energy Management System (HEMS). PWRview gives the homeowner powerful insights into their daily home energy consumption, enabling power-saving decisions that can reduce electricity bills by up to 20 percent. That savings can offset the purchase cost of the generator over the product’s lifespan. PWRview home energy monitoring information is delivered through the exclusive Generac PWRview app, available for Android and Apple devices.

The smart generator comes standard with Generac’s exclusive MobileLink remote-monitoring technology. MobileLink gives users access to critical information including the generator’s current operating status, while also providing helpful maintenance schedules all from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. And should the generator turn on in an outage or require maintenance, it alerts the user via text or email, ensuring users always know that their homes are protected.

“We have outfitted the new 24kW Guardian with our state-of-the-art technology that makes it more affordable to acquire and install, easier to own and operate, all while keeping the best-in-class quality Generac home standby generators are known for,” said Kyle Raabe, President of consumer power for Generac.

“The flagship of the Guardian line continues our mission to make backup power more accessible for everyone,” said Minick. “By integrating advanced Clean Energy technology into our home standby products, we help owners save money and take them one step closer to creating a future that is not dependent on an unreliable electrical grid.”

The 24kW Guardian is available through Generac-authorized dealers, wholesale and retail partners. For more information, visit or call 888-GENERAC to speak with a product specialist.

1 Based on real-world product quotes obtained 6/2020
2 Based on average electric bill of $[125] per month, an initial 20% annual electric utility bill savings from the PWRView installation (and resulting energy usage modifications), maintained over a 15-year period, and a 3% annual increase in electricity rates. Utility bill savings based on internal company data, and will vary based on multiple factors, including energy habits, size of home, and number of occupants. Some users may experience less than an initial 20% reduction in annual electric utility bill savings.