Generac PRO Stump Grinder

Generac PRO Stump Grinder

The stump grinder from Generac PRO helps you quickly eliminate mowing hazards. When you need to expand your lawn or field, this machine turns stumps into wood chips. Unlike commonly available grinders that are heavy and cumbersome, the Generac PRO Stump Grinder is light, without sacrificing strength and durability. Constructed of 12-gauge steel, it is light enough for anyone to handle.

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Features & Benefits

Generac G-Force Engine: Powerful, easy starting engines make our stump grinders the natural choice for any task, and are designed for long life.

A Cut Above: Spinning at almost 2,800 rpm, the eight mining-grade tungsten carbide-tipped steel teeth devour a remarkable 360 bites per second.

Simple and Efficient Operation: Designed with simple operation in mind, the Generac Pro Stump Grinder quickly finishes the assigned task every time.

Detachable Tow Bar: Makes transport simple. Hitches to any ATV, UTV, or tractor in a (51 mm) ball hitch or pin hitch included. Remove the tow bar with a single pin to start working.

Generac Stump Grinder

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