Generac PRO Trimmer Mower

Generac PRO Trimmer Mower

The Generac PRO Trimmer Mower model features a premium engine with 8 foot-pounds of torque. The frame is mounted with extra high 16″ wheels for easier maneuvering. The Generac PRO Trimmer Mower cuts a 22″ swath, has adjustable mowing heights ranging from 2.0″ to 3.25″, and offers ergonomic handlebars for stress-free mowing. An offset frame design allows the Generac PRO Trimmer Mower to trim right up against foundations, fence lines and other obstacles with precise control. The front is fortified with a cast aluminum nose plate that protects the machine against damage from collisions.

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Features & Benefits

Generac G-Force Engine: Powerful, easy starting engines make our trimmer mowers the natural choice for any task, and are designed for long life.

Heavy-Duty Cutting Cords: Sized up to 225 mil (5.72 mm), for reliability you can count on. 175 mil (4.4 mm) cord is included.

Engineered to Perform: A rock-solid performer, backed by over 25 years of innovation and tested for thousands of hours. Every detail is designed to deliver great reliability and performance.

Anti-Wrap Trimmer Head: prevents tangled vegetation and provides less downtime.

QUICK-LOCK Trimmer Head: Trimmer cord changes take just seconds. Simply insert the cord into the unique gripping mechanism to anchor it in place.

Generac PRO Trimmer Mower Bottom

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