GeneracPRO Powerwagon

Generac PRO Powerwagon

The Generac PRO Powerwagon is fully loaded for the ultimate ease in self-propelled hauling and dumping. Features Powered Dumping that lets you unload up to 800 lbs of cargo with the push of a button. Includes a Flatbed Kit that lets you haul long or stackable loads with ease. The Generac PRO Powerwagon is fully loaded to offer the ultimate ease of use and performance. It’s a “go anywhere” powered hauler that you can use in all sorts of areas where you could never take a trailer. It turns on a dime so you can navigate nimbly in highly landscaped areas of your property, and it’s built for traversing rugged terrain. The Generac PRO Powerwagon offers all the convenience of a wheelbarrow or garden cart–but with far more capacity and none of the hassle or backache!

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Features & Benefits

Generac G-Force Engine: Powerful, easy starting engines make our Powerwagon the natural choice for any task, and are designed for long life.

Powered Dumping: A steep 60° dump angle empties the bed thoroughly at the push of a button, minimizing the need for raking out materials.

Gear-Driven Transmission: Three forward speeds and a powered reverse match any walking pace and aid maneuverability in tight spaces.

More Maneuverable in Tight Spots: Two rear wheels rotate 360°, creating a tight turning radius, allowing the Powerwagon go through gateways and barn doors, into wooded areas, on narrow trails, and more!

Disc Brake: A hand-actuated disc brake checks the speed of a fully loaded cargo bed when operating on slopes. Lockable brakes secure the machine in place for loading and unloading.

GeneracPRO Powerwagon

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