GeneracPRO Power Grader

Generac PRO Power Grader

The 60″ Generac PRO Power Grader with cabled remote control features the convenience of push-button adjustment of grading depth while you grade. The cabled remote control is operable from your tow vehicle so you can raise and lower the 14 grading teeth while you drive. You can start high, and lower the tines a bit with each pass.

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Features & Benefits

Powered, Cabled Remote Control: Rechargeable battery, powerful electric motor, and a precise remote control that can raise or lower the teeth with the touch of a button.

Tungsten Carbide Scarifying Teeth: Same material used on mining equipment to cut through solid rock.

Rechargeable Battery: Easily removed without tools to bring indoors during the off-season. Charger is included.

Easy Hitch: Comes with both a pin hitch and a ball hitch connector.

Powered Actuator: Powerful actuator provides a 4 in (10.2 cm) stroke, raising the teeth from 4.5 in (11.4 cm) above the surface, to 9/16 in (14.3 mm) below the surface. Steel box housing shields it from the elements and kicked-up debris.

GeneracPRO Power Grader Teeth

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