Generac PRO Products

Generac is the only brand Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc. has trusted for Central Virginia since we opened in 2003. Generac has been building power products right here in the United States of America since 1959. Control YOUR Power with Generac PRO Products from Hale’s will keep your property looking great for years to come!

Have questions for our team of Generac Specialists? Find the right Generac PRO Power Product to power YOUR life, whether you’re home or away!


How Will you Power Your Life?

Generac Power Washers

Generac’s Power Washers give you the power to clean the toughest of dirt off  vehicles, decks, driveways and much more!

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Generac PRO Field Equipment

Generac’s line of mowers give you the power to cut through thick brush, flatten uneven ground, and move materials with ease. Keep your field looking great thanks to Generac PRO Field Equipment!


Generac PRO Wood Chippers, Log Splitters, and Stump Grinders

Generac’s line of Wood Chippers, Log Splitters, and Stump Grinders allow you to clean up trees and other wood around your home with ease!