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Residential Power Washers

From siding, deck, patio, roof, windows and so much more, Generac’s Residential Power Washers are ready to take on the job! Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc. is your one stop for your residential Power Washing needs with the ability to repair and supply parts for your Pressure Washer. Several models are in stock and readily available, others can be ordered to meet your specific needs.

Have questions for our team of Generac Specialists? Find the right Generac Power Product to power YOUR life, whether you’re home or away!


Powerful Solutions for Powerful Cleaning

Powerful Solutions for Powerful Cleaning

For some this means living life as normal. For many others it may mean an oxygen dedicated receptacle, a backup receptacle for a CPAP machine, refrigerator circuit for keeping vital medicines cold or simply drinking water/well pump, sewer pump, hot water, microwave, refrigerator and lights.

Generac Residential Pressure Washers

Danny Lipford introduces you to the line of residential pressure washers from Generac.

How To Pressure Wash Your Vehicle

Clean your car faster using less water with a Generac variable speed pressure washer.

How to Prepare Your Pressure Washer for Storage

Ready to store your washer away for the season? Find out the best practices for storing your power washer.

Generating Power to Clean!

YOU and your cleaning power needs are unique and different from anyone else. With Hale’s, you have the advantage of a dealer whose only business is Generac Power Systems. We concentrate on one thing…