Generator Maintaince Kit

Get the most out of your investment with Accessories.

Automatic Standby generators are a big investment. Maximize your backup power investment with a variety of additional tools and accessories that help you maintain your generator, make it easier to use, and promote long life. Hale’s Electrical Service can provide all the accessories you need to maintain your generator.

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We can help you select the Generac accessories that work best with your backup power system.

When calling for accessories be sure to have your model number and serial number available from the sticker on your generator. The Hale’s professional parts department will order any accessories currently not in stock and have them ready for you to pick up or have them conveniently delivered to your location. For accessory availability and pick-up or shipment options call us today and we will guide you through the process and help you get the right match for your Generac Home Standby Generator.

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Use the recommended battery to ensure your standby generator starts every time it’s needed.

26R Wet Cell Battery
Every standby generator requires a battery to start the system. Generac offers the recommended 26R wet cell battery for use with all air-cooled standby product and liquid-cooled standby product 60 kW and below, excluding the 48 kW.

Maintenance Kits

Keep your generator system in top operating condition and meet your warranty requirements. Scheduled maintenance is a necessity for all standby generators. The Scheduled Maintenance kits offer all the components necessary to perform a complete maintenance on Generac air-cooled generators. Oil will need to be purchased separately based upon the recommendations listed. Maintenance intervals may differ per model. Refer to the generator owner’s manual for more information. For more general information on Maintenance Kits click here.

Maintenance is recommended at every 200 hours or 2 years. If running in a dusty environment, more frequent maintenance may be required. Kit contents may vary by model.

Generator Maintaince Kit
Cold Weather Kit

Battery Warmers & Oil Heaters

Battery Warmers & Oil Heaters are recommended for generators installed in regions where the temperature regularly falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature falls below an acceptable level, the thermostat activates the crankcase oil heater or battery warmer in order to maintain optimum battery temperature. When installing an Oil Heater, it is required that the oil and filter are replaced with the provided Generac 5W-30 synthetic and Generac oil filter for better engine start capability.


A Solid Foundation for Your Generac Generator
The GenPad from DiversiTech® is a professional pad/base that will provide a lifetime base for select Generac Automatic Standby Generator. Each pad is made from a composite of high strength fibers and cement and is warranted for the life of your Generac Generator. These pads provide a sturdy,  permanent base for the generator that won’t shift, crack or degrade over time. More peace of mind with your Generac Generator purchase from Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc.!

GenPads have been specifically designed to meet the engineering specifications of all Generac Residential Automatic Standby Generators.

Protector Series GenPads
Paint Kit

Paint Kits

The enclosure is the generator’s first line of defense against the elements and it’s important to keep it in good condition. Use the paint kit to touch up scratches and other damage to protect from future corrosion. Kits include the necessary paint to properly touch up a generator enclosure. Please check with your sales representative to verify proper color coordination.

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