Whether you have requested service from Hale’s Electrical Service or are changing the oil & filter yourself, or just want materials on hand for those severe weather events, Hale’s has you covered.

Generac Portable Parts In Stock!

Our Portable Power TEAM keeps a wide range of parts for your Generac Portable Generator Repairs and Warranty Claims. Our #HaleYESgenerators PORTABLE POWER TEAM will provide you with an estimate before repair and communicate with you as they troubleshoot and prepare to make repairs to your Generac Portable Generator.

Your downtime on a job site or with a power outage and freezers melting is important to us. Your downtime costs you valuable, hard-earned money. Let our TEAM provide you with some of the best Generac Generator Portable Service in Central Virginia. Our Portable Repair Department is staffed with knowledgeable, friendly and trained TEAM members from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM MONDAY – FRIDAY.

Contact our PORTABLE POWER REPAIR TEAM today for more information on what we can do to get you back up and in the green again!