Power Outages Come With Hidden Dangers

Let a member of the Hale’s Team share some of the dangers, reasons why backup power may give you peace of mind and more!

Power Your Everyday

When power outages occur we discover all the electrical needs that we depend on daily for our convenience. What used to be a convenience is now an expectation as we flip the light switch. Hale’s Electrical Service has developed a Public Service Announcement to share with you and your group that will review the inconveniences of losing power, how to get yourself through the storm and what backup power can do for you.

Our team also discusses the HOW to get reliable backup power, what to look for in a contractor and what regulations, codes and laws affect where you place a generator, what fuels the generator and how to ensure your Homeowner’s Association accepts your investment into the community. Together we will give you solid information to make informed decisions and seek the contractor you will use for your project.

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