What to Expect During your Free Generator Site Survey

YOU and your backup power needs are unique and different from anyone else. That’s why Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc. offers you a FREE / no obligation generator Site Survey that takes about one hour of your time. Your Hale’s professional will discuss your desired circuits / backup power needs, size options, natural gas/propane requirements, placement of your generator and your budget range. You can ask questions and express your concerns about backup power solutions being considered. Ready to begin the journey to take control of your power?


Our Hale’s Electrical Service Professionals will come out to your home to review your options, taking care to calculate the load required for sizing your generator based on several key choices that you and your site survey professional discuss. Key factors to consider are the items that you request to operate during an outage. Another key factor is the amount of propane or natural gas supplied items in your home.


Where your generator will be placed depends on a variety of factors, most importantly being National Electrical Code, National Fire Protection Agency Code and local Building Code. This discussion with your Hale’s professional will include your home’s total load calculation, where your property lines are, the material(s) your home is constructed of, where your natural gas/propane supply is and where your meter base and home breaker panels are located, as well as any code restrictions that may limit placement of a generator.

Your professional will make suggestions that include what is the most economical when discussing a location for your approval. Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc. follows all codes, as well as manufacturer specifications for installation.


After your Site Survey, a complete professional sales/installation package will be compiled for your review. Your personalized Sales and Installation package will describe the agreed upon location of your generator and transfer switch. We leave no detail out! You will have a complete visual of your personalized Generac® Backup Power Plan!

Your free/no obligation Sales and Installation package will have a 30-day expiration. Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc. understands that you may not be immediately ready to invest in a generator system and that you are preparing for a time when you are ready. We will retain your package proposal and details on file, ready to update when you call us in the future and you are ready to proceed.

Take Control of Your Power with a Generac Automatic Standby Generator!

Virgina’s unreliable power grid can leave your home powerless for days or even weeks. Trust Virginia’s Leading Generac Dealer for the past 20 years to help you take control of your power with a Generator from Generac Power System!

Celebrating 20 Power Filled Years!

Hale’s Electrical Service has focused on giving Virginians back their power since opening our doors in 2003! 20 years of Generac Installations and thousands of generators being serviced, Hale’s is your local Generac specialist and professional. Virginia’s Leading Generac PowerPRO Dealer, Hale’s Electrical Service is committed to meeting the needs of our customer base. We have grown from from a small family owned company ran out of a spare room to the backup power leader for Central Virginia!