What to Expect During Your Generator Installation

We know that installing a Generator is a large project. That is why our installation specialists are here to help you take control of your power! Here is what you can expect during your installation:


Most residential Generator installations are performed in a day by our factory trained installations teams. From the date of purchase to date of start-up and peace of mind: 7-45 days for in-stock models (time frame depends on size, model, permitting and gas connections). Unlike our competition, we only specialize in Generac Generator installation….Generators are our only business!


We rely on the gas professionals who already supply you to connect and maintain your gas connections and supply long after installation, just as we connect and maintain your generator to your electric at your home and service your generator for years to come. We install 100-200 generators per year and maintain over 4,000 Generac Generators in Central Virginia! This is our only business and that’s what makes us a Generac PowerPro Premier leading dealer in Central Virginia since 2003.


Our Installation dedicated team will contact you right after we receive your signed contract to begin the process. Your delivery will include your GENpad, Generac Generator, and Automatic Transfer Switch. At this time your gas contractor is able to make the gas connections and prepare for the final startup of your generator. For your convenience, we can provide a list of proven gas plumbing contractors and suppliers to you. In many cases, these contractors and suppliers are companies we work with on a regular basis (non-commissioned) and trust to meet our customer’s unique and individual gas requirements. We trust our gas contractors, as the gas industry is THEIR only business!


Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will walk you through your installation process and keep you updated each step of the way. We lay out the dates and times that our installation professionals will be at your home, what you should expect and we verify your needs during the installation process. We endeavor to make your installation as comfortable and convenient as possible, knowing you have unique needs and expectations! Most residential installations are performed in a day!

Walkthrough & Startup

Once the installation is complete, the gas has been connected and all local gas inspections are done, we will provide a thorough manufacturer’s warranty break-in on your generator (this takes approximately 3-4 hours). Once the break-in is complete, we will walk you through the operation and FAQs of your generator system. We will provide you with your registration verification to assure you that your generator has been registered with the manufacturer and is under full warranty, as provided by the manufacturer. Your start-up technician will provide you with an optional extended warranty packet to review as well as a professionally prepared owner’s manual packet for future reference and safekeeping.

Generating Power for Your Life!

YOU and your backup power needs are unique and different from anyone else. With Hale’s, you have the advantage of a dealer whose only business is Generac Generators. We concentrate on one thing … Helping Central Virginia take control of their power!