Fire Safety for Young Adults

Hale’s Electrical Service Team traditionally thinks about safety, not just backup power safety, but safety in general. As winter is on the horizon and students have gone off to college, boarding school and attend tech schools, we have decided to shift our focus to your children. You are protected with your Generac Home Standby Generator and most likely your children and their education center have some kind of backup power to provide for their needs during an outage.

House FireFire Safety and Prevention are taught in schools in the early years and our youth learn the “Stop, Drop and Roll.” But what about when they are not at home and they are traveling on a field trip that will be overnight or are living in a college dorm or moving into their first apartment? Have you taught them what to look for? Do you know what to look for? Oh yes, those silly evacuation routes signs that we all ignore and think “we won’t need that.”

Step back and rethink that statement! Educate yourself and your growing youth to learn how to take care of themselves when they are away from home! When moving into their dorm or first apartment, did you or they check for two routes to escape in the event of a fire or building damage? Did you check for a smoke detector in the room? Did you verify it was operational? Does the room have fire suppression equipment installed that will spread water across the room? When was it last signed off on?

Sound silly? Visit Campus Fire Safety’s website and see how real this concern should be! This is so serious that one group has created a National Campus Fire Safety Forum to be held November 5-8, 2018 in San Antonio, TX to review this matter of concern. We tend to discount and overlook some of the concerns our youth have and we forget to educate them on matters of safety that we take for granted. Join Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc. as we share more safety education to enrich your life and the lives of your family members! Because we care!

Whether it is a first apartment, college campus or a hotel overnight for a field trip, the same rules and tips for safety apply. So, next time you travel for a family holiday or weekend getaway, will you look at the escape route? Will you check the smoke detector in the room? Recently two of our technicians went out of town to a training and found their smoke detector not operational. Imagine how well you would sleep in a room you have paid for knowing your smoke detector does not work? Check your room upon arrival and if your smoke detector in your hotel room or college dorm, etc. are not operational, report it immediately!

Spend a minute to remind your family about everyday safety and you may be saving their lives! Hale’s cares enough to remind you to think safety and live richly!