Cost Savings of Installing a Generator During Construction of a New Home

It’s the smart thing to do! Installing a Generac Home Standby Generator during the construction process results in significant savings for the homeowner. Hale’s stocks the most popular sizes of Generac Generators and Automatic Transfer Switches, ready for your construction phase when you are! We ensure your project and production crew stay on schedule. Keeping your project rolling keeps costs in line. The upfront installation savings of installation during construction makes a generator package a more enticing as a value-added proposition and upgrade. Rolling the cost of a generator into their mortgage gives a homeowner the peace of mind of knowing they won’t be sitting in the candlelight, worrying about their frozen food or how to live life normally or how to pay for this upgrade they wish they had.

New homeowners envision how lovely their holiday gathering and dinner will look in their new dining room and how spacious the kitchen looks with marble counters and shiny faucets. They dream about how impressive the Super Bowl will be with their friends watching the big screen television in the great room, complete with fireplace and high ceilings. They won’t be thinking about the weather and how often weather has been a factor here in Central Virginia during major holidays and television events. Are they thinking about how cold or hot their house will get when the power goes out? Do they have a plan for what they will do with the kids for entertainment on day three after a hurricane, ice or snow storm? How frustrating will it be when they can’t make coffee, dry their hair, take a shower without a well pump or take a hot shower? The new washer and dryer are top of the line, but will they work when the power goes out? A simple gentle reminder may give your homeowner the nudge they need to include a Generac Home Standby Generator package over some upgrades that give no long-term peace of mind.

Installing a generator during the construction process is faster and more cost-effective during construction than afterward in a retrofit situation. Your electrician installs the Generac Automatic Transfer Switch which is service entrance rated and connects it to the house panel, saving time and money for you the builder, versus the installer providing the entire installation. The final appearance is cleaner when the transfer switch is installed at the rough-in construction phase before the brick or vinyl is installed. This is a plus for you and the homeowner. Be the builder who differentiates themselves with a home standby generator included in all packages in your neighborhoods!

Generac responds to the question: Why a home standby instead of a portable generator?

  • The American Red Cross recommends permanently installed generators as a safer way to provide backup power to a home versus a portable generator.
  • Home is better protected from deadly carbon-monoxide poisoning with a Generac Home Standby Generator properly installed outside the home.
  • No lugging fuel or fuel storage. A permanently installed Generac Home Standby operates off your homes natural gas or propane supply, making it less expensive to run than gasoline-powered portable generators.
  • No extension cords, open doors or windows for the extension cords to run through and no need to haul the portable out of storage and keep it fueled. An automatic home standby generator comes on automatically within seconds of a utility loss.
  • 24/7/365 days, whether your homeowner is home, at work, sleeping or on vacation your Generac Generator will sense a power loss and come on automatically and turn themselves off when utility power returns. No worrying whether you have power or not during a storm or outage.
  • With new Mobile Link Remote Monitoring options for home standby generators, your homeowner can monitor their generator operation from anywhere cell service is available.

Why wouldn’t you partner with Hale’s Electrical Service and Generac? Your new home construction deserves a professional team dedicated to Generac Home Standby Products! It’s all we do at Hale’s and it’s all we have done for the last 15 years! We ARE the pros! Ready to start the process?