Generac Portable Generator Transfer Switches

Provides a safe connection to your portable generator for your home, ensuring the necessities remain powered during an outage.

Safer Solutions for You and Your Home

Did you know that improper plug options can cause a back feed into the power lines and either cause damage to items in your home or even more dangerous, cause serious injury or death to a power line worker?

Generac, the leader in backup power solutions, announces the most innovative options in transfer switches to provide you with easier and safer use of your portable generator. GenTran accessories allow you to easily match your generator to compatible accessories for a complete system solution for temporary home backup power applications. Their GenTran Series Program includes multiple kits and individual accessories that provide a broad range of choices for each unique home-backup power situation.

No more need to run extension cords in and around your home during an outage. The safer and simpler solution is Generac and GenTran.

  • SIMPLE: Visual system of easy-to-understand outlet icons to indicate accessory compatibility. Buying the right accessory has never been so easy!
  • SAFE: System solutions with many benefits built in; Easy to deliver backup power to hardwired appliances, Elimination of multiple dangerous extension cords running through your home and prevent hazardous power distribution practices that can lead to backfeeding and other unsafe situations.
  • UNIVERSAL: Eliminate the confusion with easy to choose from multiple kits and accessories that offer plug-and-play functionality with ANY BRAND of portable generator – safely, securely and easily! Whether it’s Generac brand or a competitive brand, we have you covered!
  • ONE COMPLETE SOLUTION: Easy. Safe. Compatible. The Safer Solution for Temporary / Portable Backup Power!

Trust the Hale YES team for your Portable Generator Needs!

Whether you know which portable solution you want or need some help deciding on the right fit for your needs our team has you covered. Our team of Generac specialists are here to make sure you have what you need when you need it. Contact our team today to take control of your power!

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