Giving back to our community is important!

We recognize that every inch of land in a community and the people on that land are the sum and total of what makes up the demographics of the place you live and work. Together we work to ensure our community and the communities we serve are better because we are a part of them.

At Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc. community involvement is key to our success and to our company, “blessing others.” Our employees are involved in many community activities and with community groups both personally and professionally.

When businesses partner with their community and those within, the community grows stronger. A strong rope is entwined to create strength. We at Hale’s believe that Citizens, Businesses, and Organizations partnering with Government can create a strong community when entwined together.

Community involvement and support stretches beyond our immediate Dinwiddie County and our support is far reaching. We carefully consider the support we give. Each request must be made in writing and describe what is being done, who will benefit, what long term outcome is expected and what impact the support will have on the community as a whole. Request forms may be obtained by contacting us and providing your email and contact information.

As a company, we have supported or currently support the following organizations:

Dinwiddie County Chamber of Commerce
2018 Spring Industry Day Certificate
Colonial Heights Recreational Baseball Team Photo
Layton Racing

Dinwiddie High School Industry Day

Colonial Heights Recreational League

Arena Racing/Harrison Racing

WD Racing Car in Font of Trailer
South Hill Sharks Team Photo
Softball in Glove
People with Hands in Center of Circle

South Hill Sharks

Virginia Edge

Scouts Pointing at Sky
Softball in Glove
Baseball in Glove
Rustic Church Steeple

Cub Scouts / Girl Scouts

Dixie Girls Softball

Dixie Youth Baseball

Smyrna Baptist Church

Rustic Church Steeple
People with Hands in Center of Circle