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Taking your power needs and dreams and turning them into reality! Our team will help you … Control Your Power, Control Your Life, and Give you The Power YOU Control!

Depend on your Generac specialists at Hale’s to protect your power!

When you begin your journey to take control of YOUR power you will meet your sales specialist who will be dedicated ensuring you make the right decision for your home. They will guide you through the steps and provide tools and resources to make investing in emergency backup power both easy and affordable. Our team of specialists will review your needs with you and answer any questions you may have about your power protection package. Their years of knowledge in the industry will ensure you have the best solution for your needs.

Hale's Staff Demonstrate how a Transfer Switch works on Showroom Demo
Installation Crew Wiring a Generac Automatic Standby Generator to Home

After you purchase a Generac Automatic Standby Generator for your home or business our team of installation experts will work with you to make the installation process simple. Our office staff will ensure you are well informed about your Generac Generator’s installation status and will guide you through any steps you need to take. Your delivery crew will make sure your new investment is placed at your home safely and securely. Your installation team will connect your Generac Generator to your home based on NEC Electrical Code and Generac guidelines. These trained electricians and Generac certified technicians will ensure your new generator is safely connected to your home, ready to provide power when you need it!