History of Hale’s Electrical Service

Taking your power needs and dreams and turning them into reality! Our team will help you … Control Your Power, Control Your Life, and give you The Power YOU Control!

Our Story: Making YOUR life better, while giving YOU peace of mind…

HaleYESgenerators started in 2003 after Hurricane Isabel. One woman, two children and a husband who was installing large portable generators for restaurants and businesses. His wife and children were stranded in rural Dinwiddie County with a 3500 Watt portable generator, a can of gas and some oil strategically placed on the tailgate of a Nissan pickup truck. This droning generator supplied power to the freezer and refrigerator and would be moved to provide water and coffee as needed. No television, no phone, no stove or microwave and no lights, this woman vowed that her family would never experience this again. Tanya Hale did her research, acquired David’s business license (beginning on a Class C Contractor’s license, as a sole proprietor), business insurance, Federal Employer ID number, state business and sales tax licenses. On October 20, 2003, as David Hale returned from work and entered the doorway, Tanya presented David with Hale’s Electrical Service.

This began a career of living, sleeping, eating and breathing Generac generators. No one, including the local propane company, thought that we could ever specialize in generators and make a go of it. No one believed that we could bless enough people who needed the security and peace of mind of a backup generator to make a living. The first of many billboards went up on Route 460 in Dinwiddie and from there, the rest has been a blessing from God!

In 2007 Hale’s incorporated and became a Class A Contractor and ultimately a Small, Woman-Owned Business with 52% ownership to Tanya. This allowed doors to open that otherwise were being missed. Hurricane Irene brought Hale’s back and we remained one of the largest dealers in Central Virginia year after year since 2003. Our subcontractors were the best and our technicians highly skilled. After several weather events, Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc., The “HaleYESgenerator people” remain on top. We have since brought on our own electrical installation crews once again, the last step to bringing everything back in-house and under one roof.

In 2015 Hale’s was named Generac’s Southeast Region Dealer of the Year for their excellent customer service, attention to detail and providing the Generac Promise to their customers. The Southeast Region spans from Delaware to this side of Texas where many of Generac’s top dealers are located. This honor continues to drive staff, sales and crews to strive for being the best in the market while putting themselves in the customer’s shoes and acting accordingly in their daily interactions.

The Story Continues

Today we remain one of the nation’s leading Generac PowerPro Premier Service and Installation Dealers, we are a leader in the industry! With Generac factory trained technicians, our professionals are here to meet your power needs 24/7/365! We are your backup power source! Hale’s Electrical Service is a full-service stocking Generac dealer, able to provide product, installation, annual maintenance services, warranty and repair services, as well as certified factory start-ups for all your Generac generators.

February 2, 2017, David Hale suffered a massive heart attack. While recovering and returning to a revised role, this event has continued to further our dream of making our HaleYESgenerators TEAM owners of Hale’s Electrical Service. Each team member has taken ownership of their position and makes solid decisions based on this. David and Tanya have stressed over the years to treat each customer as if they were your parents or grandparents and to consider how you would want to have them treated. Treat each customer with respect and provide the best possible solution to the situation, whether repair, sale or more.

October 20, 2018 marked the Hale YES Team’s 15 year anniversary! In addition to our 15 year anniversary, in December 2018, Hale’s Electrical Service was awarded Generac PowerPro Premier Dealer status. This is the highest status a Generac Dealer can achieve. Currently less then 100 dealer received this award. We would like to say thank you to everyone who has been a part of the Hale YES Family! We would not be celebrating 15 years of business or have been able to become a PREMIER Dealer without you!

Generating Power for Your Life!

YOU and your backup power needs are unique and different from anyone else. With Hale’s, you have the advantage of a dealer whose only business is Generac Generators. We concentrate on one thing … Helping Central Virginia take control of their power!