2021 Ice Storm Response

The ice storms of February 2021 were historically catastrophic events that many of us will not forget for quite a while. Thousands of Virginia’s were without power for a week or more! W Virginia needed power the HaleYES Team answered the call!

Since the beginning of the storm our team has worked everyday to keep generators running through the outages, get as many repairs complete as quickly as possible, and answer customer’s questions. Through the outages we fielded thousands of calls, sent portable generators out our doors with people who needed power and made hundreds of repairs.

We are now entering Phase 2 of our storm response plan. Phase 2 focuses on repairing generators uncommon parts and servicing those generators that ran for extensive amounts of time to ensure every generator is ready for the next outage.

Since 2003 we have brought backup power to thousands of Virginians. Our trained team of Generac Experts stand ready to keep you powered through any outage. Our 18 years of expertise allows us to stock the most common parts and generators to minimize lead times on installations and repairs. Even with shipping delays related to COVID-19, we can lead times shorter than others in our area and are regularly receiving new shipments. This allows us to give a good estimate of when your generator or part will arrive.

While we hope we do not see devastation like this for a long time, you can rest assured that when we do experience an outage the HaleYES Team will be ready to power Virginia with Generac Automatic Standby Generators!